The only online program of its kind for hopeful adoptive parents like you who want step-by-step guidance preparing for your home study, creating a compelling adoption profile book, choosing the right agencies, and more, so you can bring your baby home sooner.

Your heart and mind are ready to embrace adoption …

But where do you even begin?

Right Here. As an adoption consultant and adoptive mom who’s been where you are, I’ll guide you step by step through everything you need to know about the domestic infant adoption journey, from home study to finalization...

...and do it all at your own pace, with a supportive community behind you.

Already know this is where you’re meant to be?


Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

You Can’t Wait To Meet Your Baby

To finally hold that sweet bundle of love in your arms.

To smell that sweet baby smell. Feel those little fingers wrapped around yours.

To track every inch they grow on the hallway wall and cheer on every Little League game.

To spend lazy Sunday mornings doing nothing but snuggling your little bundle on the couch with your four-legged friend warming your feet.


You’ve only imagined it a million times.

There’s no question in your heart you’re meant to be a parent.

But if your journey is anything like mine was, making that dream come true hasn’t been easy. 

You’ve shed tears, lost sleep, savings and, at times, hope. You’ve searched your soul and looked for signs of what’s meant to be (and what isn’t).

Maybe you never imagined your story would lead you here, searching for answers to questions like... 

How long does domestic adoption take? 

What does adopting during a pandemic even look like?

What does the domestic adoption process look like?

How much does domestic adoption cost?

What are the chances of adopting a healthy baby?

What is open adoption?

How do I choose an adoption agency?

Can I adopt if I’m single or gay or over 40?

I don’t pretend to understand why some things unfold the way they do.

But I can tell you what I believe to be true with every fiber of my being.

Every faded glimmer of hope.
Every can’t-get-out-of-bed morning.
Every tear-filled car ride home.

Every uphill, pothole-filled road, has led you here.

 Bahiyyah & Duane

We signed up for The Adoption Roadmap Academy in October of 2020 and were matched 2 months later. 

"We felt seen and heard throughout our journey. We were supported, checked on, and were able to ask questions beyond the course when needed."

 Lauren and Nick

Being able to go through it at your own pace but still have someone to help push you along and hold you accountable was so great. 

“The wait is hard, but having that little push to keep things moving versus letting things kind of sit there was really helpful.”

 Ashley and Scott

We had started the journey so long ago (5 years to be exact), I was tired of waiting. I reached out to RG Adoption Consulting and joined their Adoption Roadmap Academy℠.  

“For me it was valuable to have another person to help with eyeing matches, reviewing profiles and having access to a wider pool of potential matches thanks to the VIP upgrade option.”

Trusted By

So now here you are, wondering if maybe it’s time to let your story unfold in a new way.

To let a new little heart, mind and soul shape the future of your family. To be open to new possibilities that once upon a time, maybe weren’t even a blip on your radar.

If you’re here, you’ve likely already started exploring your options, getting educated and looking for trusted resources...

stumbled on countless websites, blogs and Facebook Groups and asked friends and family who’ve adopted before...

heard goosebump-worthy stories of joy and heartbreaking ones you wish you’d never let into your mind.

You’ve got a million questions in your head and a flutter of excitement in your stomach.

Hope feels like it could be within reach for the first time in forever and you’re determined to dive into this heart-first.

But without a clear roadmap or guidance, the adoption process can leave you feeling overwhelmed with options and lost in a sea of unfamiliar language and misinformation.


  • You're not 100% sure what "open adoption" means, but the thought may fill you with anxiety (as if you aren't fearful enough already as you beginning this process).
  • The estimated cost has probably inspired you to start playing the lotto again. 
  • And while you know you need to start taking action today to avoid wasting any more precious time, you have literally no clue where to start. 

I was in your shoes just 9 years ago. Maybe my squiggly path to adoption will sound familiar. During my final round of fertility treatments, my sister found out she was pregnant on the very same day that I found out I wasn’t.


I wanted to be happy for my sister — I mean of course, I was happy for her. But I also just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide for as long as someone would let me. After that, I gave myself grace. Space from “trying.” And time to grieve the loss of something I never really had.

When I finally felt ready again, I knew my heart, body and mind couldn’t withstand anymore shots and tests and doctor’s visits.

So I began to explore the idea of adoption.

There I was. Determined to adopt, but clueless about where to begin and what to expect. And while I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was doing, I knew one thing for sure:

I couldn’t do it alone.

After years of failed fertility treatments, my beaten-and-battered heart couldn’t take it.

I was tired of thinking. Tired of researching.

Most of all, I was tired of waiting.

I’d waited long enough, and I refused to wait more than I needed to.

You know the feeling well, don't you?

So I hired an adoption consultant to tell me what to do and when to do it. Within 9 months, I was holding Trey and his beautiful, dark, messy head of hair in my arms. He looked nothing like me and yet I knew in that moment that he was mine and I was his.

The things I learned (and unlearned) along my adoption journey inspired me to help guide yours. Having worked with an adoption consultant and gone through the adoption process myself, I knew exactly what I loved about working with a consultant, and more importantly, what I felt was missing from my own journey.

I founded my own adoption consulting business in 2013 to help others like me fulfill their dreams of starting a family. Today, I’m fortunate to have built a small-but-mighty team who lives and breathes this insanely awesome mission.

Every time I get to help a family make their dream come true, I’m reminded just how lucky I am to be living my passion.

That’s why I’ve taken everything I know, our step-by-step processes, checklists, and resources, and designed The Adoption Roadmap Academy online, go-at-your-own-pace program to help hopeful adoptive parents like you navigate the domestic adoption process with more ease, at a significantly lower rate than working with my team one on one.

Hopeful parents like...


Bahiyyah & Duane, who signed up for The Adoption Roadmap Academy℠ in October 2020, hit the ground running, and were matched with an expectant mama by December. 

Or Ashley and Scott, who signed up in February and were matched within a month.


While I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t guarantee that your story will unfold as quickly as theirs, I can guarantee that joining the Academy will give you your best chance at fast-tracking the process, if you choose to.


Meet More Of Our Amazing Clients & Happy Families

Jerome and Aisha

I appreciate her talking about a mindset shift.

“Even though I’ve wanted to adopt for a while, there's still a process of accepting that this is how we are going to grow our family. There’s a mindset shift that has to change from a lack of knowledge to really understanding the process and understanding all the implications. I’m now more resolved that this is the direction we’re going in and I’m ready to press on the gas to get there.”


For the first time, I felt like I had someone on my side to guide me through this adoption journey.

“Six months after our initial conversation, my dream came true, and today my heart is so full.”

 Megan and Dan

Becca’s mode of signing up with a number of agencies with lower application fees in hopes that our profile would be shown to more expectant mothers really resonated with us.

“And boy did our profile get shown! It felt like forever but took only 6 months.”

My journey to motherhood was no fairy tale. I didn't let that stop me from finding my happy ending (and if I know you like I think I know you, neither will you).

Being given a clear path through The Adoption Roadmap℠ model is exactly what RG Adoption Consulting did for us.

“The strategy of multiple agencies was a game changer from what we had thought we’d have to do. When evaluating adoption situations, Becca was there for guidance and to give us her opinions as someone who had adopted before and had similar concerns as us. Even hundreds of miles away, we felt like she was with us the whole time.”

Molly and Brandon

In just two short months, I received THE email – I was chosen by an expectant mom. 

“I heard Becca on a podcast and reached out to her after waiting over a year with my current agency. I started implementing The Adoption Roadmap℠ model in March, and by the beginning of May, had my revised profile in hand. I applied to work with two agencies and by the end of May, received THE email — I was chosen by an expectant mom. Within a day or two, she and I were on the phone chatting and connecting.”


That’s why my heart is literally bursting at the seams to share this brand new, first-of-its-kind program with you!


A step-by-step guide to domestic adoption for hopeful individuals and families who are sick and tired of waiting forever. It’s the first and only self-paced, adoption consultant-led program that shows you exactly how to navigate the domestic adoption process, from home study to finalization.

With my proven (pinky swear) 4-step Adoption Roadmap℠, you’ll be able to:


You’re done waiting anymore than you need to. Save yourself weeks or months of tedious legwork and inaccurate research. We help people navigate the domestic adoption world day in and day out. Every single thing you need to know is right here in one place.


With this self-paced program, you’ll never have to worry about being given a deadline, making time for a meeting or having someone like me breathe down your neck to complete your next assignment.


My expectation in working with you is that you will put together an awesome profile using my proven model and that you will be working with agencies that are the right fit for you and your family. With that in mind, I hope you will be able to adopt your baby in less than a year. Since COVID, wait times have been longer as there are more hopeful families wanting to adopt and fewer expectant moms making an adoption plan. So hang in there. It may be a longer journey, but we hope not!


I’m a firm believer that every little bit counts … and as an adoptive mom, I’ve experienced the financial strain of adoption first-hand. With this program, you’ll get the same resources and information I give my private clients, for a fraction of the cost.


Log in or out anytime you want. Listen to each recording as many times as it takes to sink in. And with lifetime access, you can revisit this program whenever you want (like when you’re ready to adopt baby #2!).


Our team and members of our amazing community have been where you are, and we know how to get you where you’re going. Aside from our active Facebook community with endless ways to connect and learn, you’ll have an opportunity to “upgrade” your level of service and get my team’s one-on-one help with vetting adoption situations and potential matches to limit your risk, and they’ll even send you additional situations to consider.


Maybe having the world know everything about your personal business is just not your jam. Let’s be honest, this adoption journey is vulnerable enough. By taking an online course, you don’t have to worry about one more person calling and asking you what’s going on in your life because you haven’t returned their last three calls. Some people like their privacy and I completely get it if you’re one of them. Sometimes less is more.


Many of my private clients wonder if they can undergo fertility treatments while beginning the adoption journey. If you feel like you can handle both, then why not? The benefit of getting started now is you won’t lose more precious time.


These core course materials are available immediately within our online learning portal.

Streaming Videos    Worksheets    Bonus Resources    Adoption Profile Creation   Agency Contacts   Zooms & Lives to Connect With Others

This Virtual Adoption Consultant Experience consists of 4 Steps PLUS a bonus Mindset Step that I recommend you complete first. Each component is designed to hold your hand through every step of the process and break things down into manageable chunks, so you can start moving your adoption journey forward today.


This is the stuff that’s not written down anywhere else — the things that only my team’s experience can teach you. Few adoption experts focus on this essential component of the adoption process. However, in my opinion, mindset is one of the most important elements of the journey. I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and visualization, in addition to taking action. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can absolutely control how you react and respond to these things.

During this special training, I’ll guide you through various exercises to help you get clarity on the adoption situation that’s right for your family, touch upon challenges you may encounter along the way, and help you develop the mindset you need to embrace in order to move forward without letting anything get in your way.  


Before you jump into this unknown world of adoption, I’ll make sure you have a really good understanding of the landscape of the adoption journey. From home study to finalization and beyond, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the process. By the end of this module, you’ll see the path to adoption clearly and have the knowledge and resources you need to begin getting cleared and legally approved to adopt.

We’ll dive into:

  • Understanding the domestic adoption process, step by step by step
  • Dispelling common myths around birth moms and open adoption
  • Understanding potential risks (failed adoption statistics, revocation periods, birth parent warning signs that most agencies won’t talk about)
  • How to choose the right home study agency (plus 4 questions to ask them)
  • How to be your agencies’ best client
  • Preparing for the home study process, from preparation and in-home visit to completion


It just takes one expectant mother to connect with you. We’ll help give her something to connect with. Together with our profile designer, we’ll curate a compelling, unmistakably you adoption profile that stands out and helps the right expectant mom feel, without question, that you’re the perfect parent for her baby.

By the end of this step, you’ll have:

  • Clarity on what to include on every single page of your adoption profile
  • Inspiration from previous families who have successfully adopted
  • A story that sparks emotion and gives the right birth mom a glimpse into your life, so she can see her baby in it
  • The right words on every page
  • The perfect pictures on each page
  •  A complete, professionally created storybook

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do this right. Your storybook is the sole tool agencies use for an expectant mother to choose who she wants to parent her child.

Important note about timing: Because your home study is typically (depending on where you adopt from) only good for one year, we don’t want you to waste any time (or money). We want your home study process and your storybook creation process to be happening simultaneously. That way, as soon as your home study is complete, your storybook is ready to be seen by as many expectant moms as possible!


More often than not, working with a variety of agencies leads to a faster match. Just as a financial planner would recommend that you “diversify” your investments, I recommend that you diversify your agency selection. So instead of spending $20,000 on one agency, why not spend $2,000 or $3,000 on 3 or 4 to increase your chances? The key is finding reputable agencies with lower upfront fees. We’ll put the power of our extensive agency network to work for you to make sure more birth moms get to see your amazing adoption profile.

During this step, we’ll:

  • Educate you on exactly how agencies work
  • Provide you with a personalized, curated list of 3-4 agencies tailored to your budget and criteria; all agencies we recommend fit our criteria of lower upfront fees and are in states with more favorable adoption laws (meaning a birthmom can sign over parental rights within 12-72 hours)
  • Help you understand how to be your agency’s best client so you stay top of mind with them

Important note: We are not compensated by agencies in any way. We select agencies solely based on their reputation, experience, and our relationships with them.



It helps to have the support of someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, not just legally, but mentally and emotionally. Because we see situations every single day, we can help you understand what questions to ask and what to look for when you’re presented with a potential adoption situation.

You’ll receive:

  • A list of questions to ask when you’re presented with a potential match situation to make sure you’re fully aware and understanding of everything involved
  • Guided preparation on meeting your baby at the hospital (how to prepare to bring baby home)
  • A list of resources for ongoing support as an adoptive family after you bring your baby home



One of our adoption consultants will personally review and help you vet individual adoption situations to help you mitigate your risk and evaluate any potential birth-parent warning signs. You will communicate 1:1 with your consultant, be able to ask questions for clarity and come up with the best questions to ask before committing to any situations.

NOTE: Another major benefit to this upgrade? Access to adoption opportunities other families might not have.

Let me explain: In addition to the agencies you sign up with, because of the relationships I have, I get emails from agencies and attorneys across the country looking for families for various situations, which I am then able to share with my clients. 

There are 3 reasons this might happen:

  1. It’s a risky situation (there is significant substance exposure, possibly some history of mental health problems) and they don’t have enough people open to that specific situation.
  2. There may be no exposures, but an agency doesn’t have anyone on their list open to different races or who match the criteria of the expectant mom.
  3. There are some agencies that don’t keep a list of waiting families at all and only work with consultants.

The possibility of getting presented with situations you might not otherwise know about is a major advantage! 


Here’s an at-a-glance look at everything included in the Adoption Roadmap Academy℠



Without RG Adoption Consulting, our adoption would not have happened, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

“After hearing nothing for eight months from our agency, a friend who happened to know Becca from growing up put us in touch. We signed up with RG Adoption Consulting and through Becca’s guidance, we applied to six additional agencies. But Becca sent us a baby-born situation where twins were born through yet another agency. After reviewing ten different family profiles, the birth mom picked us! We packed up the hidden baby clothes from a previous failed adoption and flew to meet our baby girls and their brave birth mom.”

Anna & Mike

Plus these bonuses to help you get the guidance, support, and community you need to move your journey forward 

  • Bonus 1: 6-month access to our private, members-only Facebook community of past and present RG Adoption Consulting clients. This is an invaluable resource where you can seek support and learn from others who have gone before you and are going through it with you. It’s like a virtual support group!
  • Bonus 2: Monthly live Q&A sessions with a member of RG Adoption Consulting’s team of consultants, so that you can get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your mindset until the day you bring your baby home.
  • Bonus 3: Adoption agency and situation trackers to keep you organized through every step of this journey.

Enroll today and get our special LIMITED-TIME BONUS BUNDLE

  • Adoption Journal: A beautiful paper journal and keepsake with prompts and open-ended questions to help you celebrate your unique adoption story. Imagine sharing this amazing memento with your baby when they’re older. *chills* We’ll get this beauty in the mail as soon as you join.
  • Master Document Checklist: A checklist of every document (including tests you’ll need to have done) that you’ll need to collect throughout your adoption journey to ensure your home study and signing up with agencies goes smoothly. It’s the same one we’ve been using with our clients for years to make sure nothing is overlooked.
  • Curated List Of Home Study Agencies: Once you're ready to choose a home study agency or professional, we’ll send you a list of 2-3 places to call in your area, so you can save time and Google overwhelm.

It made everything less overwhelming and gave us the confidence to feel like we were doing things right. 

“There’s so much information out there on adoption. Google became a scary place. With The Adoption RoadmapSM model, we had a realistic idea of what to expect during each phase of the adoption process. It made everything less overwhelming and gave us the confidence to feel like we were doing things right. We were able to be with our baby after just 6 months into our adoption journey and are so happy to embrace all the firsts and everyday joys with our son today.”

Simone and Joe

Ready to fast-forward and simplify your domestic adoption process?

Your investment in The Adoption Roadmap Academy℠ is …

Become an Academy Member

1 payment of $2847.00


Academy Member Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of $474.50



Become a VIP Academy Member

1 payment of $3537.00


Academy VIP Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of $589.50


A final note from me…

Maybe you’re still thinking that you can try to navigate the domestic adoption process alone.

with a little help from your favorite search engine and a few Facebook groups 
(but before you decide, I truly hope you’ll hear me out…you’ve already come this far)


that you can put your hope, time and money in one single adoption agency and trust that they’ll act in your best interest.

that you can review every potential adoption situation on your own, using your judgement, trusting your gut, consulting with a pediatrician friend here, an attorney friend there.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re resourceful and determined.

(and let’s be honest, having to rehash your story to one more person may be the last thing you want to do).

But if you don’t have the right guidance, support and knowledge to … 

  • Choose the right adoption agencyso you know how many other waiting families there are or how many placements they average

  • Surround yourself with the right team and community of people who’ve been where you are and know how to get you where you’re going

  • Advocate for yourself if your not getting answers to your questions

  • Identify higher-risk situations (and know exactly what questions to ask your agency to make the right decision for your family)

  • Create a can’t-ignore adoption profile the right birth mom will connect with quickly

  • Be your agencies’ best client, so your profile is shown again and again

  • Navigate the relationship with the expectant mom, so your mind isn’t spinning with questions

  • Stay positive if, NOT when, times get tough

You may find yourself in the very same spot you’re in now. Waiting. Wondering. And losing more time with the baby you know you’re meant to have.

But I promise you, there IS an easier, faster, safer-for-your-heart way to bring your baby home much sooner than if you are navigating this roller coaster of a journey on your own ...

(and it doesn’t require picking up the phone, getting on a waiting list or telling someone you don’t know the most intimate details of your life).


  • Adoption Journal: A beautiful paper journal and keepsake with prompts and open-ended questions to help you celebrate your unique adoption story. Imagine sharing this amazing memento with your baby when they’re older. *chills* We’ll get this beauty in the mail as soon as you join.
  • Master Document Checklist: A checklist of every document (including tests you’ll need to have done) that you’ll need to collect throughout your adoption journey to ensure your home study and signing up with agencies goes smoothly. It’s the same one we’ve been using with our clients for years to make sure nothing is overlooked.
  • Curated List Of Home Study Agencies: Once you're ready to choose a home study agency or professional, we’ll send you a list of 2-3 places to call in your area, so you can save time and Google overwhelm.
Start The Adoption Roadmap℠ Today

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Your Adoption Roadmap Academy℠ experience starts immediately, once you click the "Start Today" button below. 

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If you have any questions along the way, our team is here to help and to make sure you are getting the most out of The Adoption Roadmap Academy℠.


I was ready emotionally and mentally, but I needed that momentum from professionals who work in this day in and day out. 

The Adoption Roadmap Academy has really taken a process that can be very overwhelming and circuitous and turned it into a structure that’s manageable, realistic and as linear as it can be to make it seem possible and to bring hope to our end goal, which is having a baby.


Questions you're bound to ask...

If you follow this course step by step, by the end you will have...

  • A home study that sets you up for success and ease later in the adoption process
  • Signed up with multiple, pre-vetted agencies
  • Created an amazing adoption profile book
  • A more in-depth knowledge about adoption and education that leaves an agency impressed and wanting to work with you (the fact is, agencies prefer to work with clients who have done their homework and are well-informed)
  • And hopefully, a baby in your arms

Becca helped break it down into smaller “chunks” that seemed manageable. 

“We didn’t know anyone else who had recently adopted, so naturally we were overwhelmed with the information we found out there in cyberspace (the internet can be a scary place). Becca took us under her wing and provided us with the right tools every step of the way.”

Josh and Jill

We would not have found the most amazing little girl that is now a part of our family without this online course.

"After such a long journey with so many ups and downs and just waiting and waiting, The Adoption Roadmap Academy℠ gave us a sense of hope and helped us feel more optimistic and proactive in finding a match and growing our family.”

Ashley and Scott

Your heart and mind are ready to embrace adoption

And now you know exactly where to begin.

I’d be honored to be your guide on this journey.

Start The Adoption Roadmap℠ Today

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