3 Strategies To Adopting Your Baby During Challenging Times (PLUS A Proven Roadmap To Get You Started)

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    The Adoption Roadmap Academy℠ is About to Change Your Life in a BIG Way

    Whether you’ve been too overwhelmed by all the information out there on adoption, or you’re just tired from the emotional rollercoaster that is fertility treatments…2022 can be the year that you finally make your dream of starting a family come true.

    Quieting the chatter can be difficult when it comes to adoption and everyone seems to have an opinion these days on social media, but rest assured THERE IS a proven, clear path to bringing your baby home!

    Join me to get a detailed outline of everything you need to do to get started on your adoption journey in 2022.

    In this FREE Webinar, you’ll learn:


    The Major Mindset Shift

    that all hopeful adoptive parents need in order to move past financial and emotional roadblocks

    The #1 Thing Agencies Look For

    that will dramatically change the way you think about adoption and put you 10 steps ahead of anyone else who is adopting in 2022

    The Best Strategy to Keep You From Getting Overwhelmed

    and it’s not just about taking deep breaths (although that doesn’t hurt)

    The Exact Steps You Need To Take TODAY To Get Started

    which is where you get tried and proven ways to find the best home study agency for YOU by asking 4 essential questions.

    This Webinar is for you if…


    • You’re a hopeful adoptive parent who wants to stop feeling confused about how to finally start the adoption process and do it with a clear and proven step-by-step roadmap.
    • You’ve been waiting and waiting to start your family and are tired of it…you just want to put this all behind you and start living your day-to-day family life.
    • You need a way to get past all the financial and emotional roadblocks that are keeping you from pursuing adoption.

    At the end of this webinar, if you’re committed to moving forward, you will get an exclusive invitation to join The Adoption Roadmap Academy!

    "We signed up for the live webinar, and immediately connected with Becca, she was so relatable, and more importantly gave us so much hope and excitement for the future of becoming parents. We signed up for the Adoption Roadmap Academy and it was everything we needed and more."

    Lauren & Nick K
    from CA

    "We signed up for The Adoption Roadmap Academy in October of 2020 and were matched 2 months later. We felt seen and heard throughout our journey. We were supported, checked on, and were able to ask questions beyond the course when needed."

    Bahiyyah & Duane D
    from AL

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